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            Reliable Gardening services
            with quality results

            GET A FREE QUOTE ON 07711 220467

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            Reliable and High Quality Gardening service's in Weston-super-Mare

            Whether your Garden is in need of some maintenance or needs a complete transformation, you need a Landscape Gardener that you can rely on. Here at JW Gardening services we offer a good quality and reliable service. We are a new highly professional business based in Lympsham near Weston-super-Mare.

            Although we are a relatively New business we have many years of experience in the Gardening Industry, we take great pride in each project that we take on and currently 100% of my projects originate from customer recommendation.

            Before taking on each project I offer a free no obligation consultation where we can discuss your hopes and dreams for the project and exact specifications. I am friendly and approachable and like to get a really good understanding on how you would like the finished project to look so that all the goals of the project are achieved and that the finished end product is the garden that you want. This well organised approach helps in our mission to create a garden that you are really happy with and stops any unwanted surprises and saves time and money.

            We offer Garden maintenance, Landscaping, Patios and Driveways as well as many other services and all our work comes with the guarantee of high quality.

            If you are thinking about hiring a garden maintenance company to maintain your Garden or have a gardening project in mind please call us on 07711 220467 or fill in our contact form to arrange a Gardening Consultation.


            Mission statement

            JW Gardening services is based in Lympsham village near Weston-super-Mare, we provide Professional Gardening services to the General Public and business's in the North Somerset area.


            JW Gardening Services
            Batch Nurseries
            Rectory Way
            Weston super Mare
            BS24 0ES

            Stay in Touch

            Call Us 07711 220467
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